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The Edward M. Calvo Cancer Foundation

After being diagnosed with cancer, Edward M. Calvo longed to return to Guam to be in the company of the rest of his family and friends. This disease robbed him of this opportunity. During his battle, he bore pain so excruciating that doctors marveled at how he could suffer silently for so long. His unwavering faith, the comfort of family members, and competent and compassionate care providers in adequate care facilities helped him through his most difficult days.

During treatment, cancer patients deserve to be surrounded by friends and family with the comforts our beautiful island of Guam – our home. The Edward M. Calvo Cancer Foundation will strive to provide this opportunity.

"Guam is Good"

- Edward M. Calvo

Our Mission

The Foundation's mission is to provide financial grants to those battling cancer in Guam. Living with cancer can take a physical, financial, and emotional toll on an individual and we aim to help alleviate some of these burdens.

Our Mission

Why Guam is Good?


Edward M. Calvo's parting words to his mother who sat by his bedside during his final moments were, "I love you Mom. Guam is good." Though simple, this phrase spoke volumes about Eddie's love for his home and his desire to return there. They are words that have echoed in the memories of those close to him after his passing. It is because of his profound love for his home that we are continuing his legacy through the Edward M. Calvo Cancer Foundation. He realized the importance of keeping Guam close to your heart and we hope through the efforts of the foundation, we reach out to those in our local community battling this disease. Guam is Good!

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